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We Buy Houses FAST

Selling your home for cash should be simple. No commissions, no cleaning, no repairs. Once you decide to sell, you don’t need the hassle of a traditional home sale. That’s where we come in.

Sometimes you inherited a house that you don’t want or you’re a landlord tired of dealing with toilets and tenants. Other times homeowners lose a job, have to relocate, or are getting a divorce. No matter what the reason, you want to sell quickly and get money in your pocket.

We’re here to offer relief in THREE EASY STEPS.

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About Us: Darren Mark at Olson Home Buyers

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Hello! I’m Darren Mark.

Let’s work together one day soon. But first, I hope you’ll take a minute to learn a little bit about me.

I’m a real person. I’m not a bot. I’m not powered by AI (yet). If you live in Kansas City, we’ve probably seen each other, since this is the smallest, large city on the continent, right?. And if we don’t actually know each other, we definitely know someone in common.

Wait, are we related?

KC wasn’t on my radar when my job moved me here, but several decades later, my  radar is Kansas City. This is the forever home where I met my wife, Leslie—where we started a family and planted roots. We have a little boy. We hope this is his forever home, too (until he develops teenage odor, and then we’ll re-assess).  

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Today, I’m a self-proclaimed brand ambassador for the KC metro. And since I first arrived in the mid aughts, I noticed the groundswell of activity that’s led to, what can only be described as, the city’s renaissance. It made me want to invest in the city and real estate was the perfect fit. I could support the next chapter of the place I love, and at the same time, build a better future for the people I love.

A father, mother and toddler

So that’s what got me to this intersection of you thinking of selling and me hoping to buy.

I purchased my first property in 2016. I was badly over my head, but the rising tides of inexperience subsided as I was gasping for my last breath. Amid all the difficulty of that first deal, something amazing happened: my wife and I helped a buyer unload a property that was a burden. We caught that figurative anvil that was about to crush him. We also invested in his neighborhood by making improvements to the house.

You know that phrase, “A rising tide lifts all boats?” This neighborhood was the living example of that. Our investment made a difference for the neighbors because we were stewards of the neighborhood. Meanwhile, the seller was on his way to a new, better chapter, reinforcing why we’re doing what we’re doing. 

Today, we’re helping our neighbors across the metro. We’re excited about helping you next!

Why I Partner with Olson Home Buyers

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Founder Jolean Olson and I have a long history. We started working together in KC nearly twenty years ago. Today, we’re not just co-workers but friends.

We share a passion for problem solving and believe that together we can offer creative solutions in real estate to get you a fresh start.

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